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$5 Quarterly

$8 Quarterly


Dues (annual charge)

Lien Filing Fee

Foreclosure Admin Fee

Title Transfer Fee

Non-Sufficient Funds Fee

Canadian Check Fee

Copying (per page)

New Construction Fee

Exterior Alteration/Addition Permit Fee

Pool Guest (per day)

Clubhouse Use Fee

Clubhouse Alcohol/Use Fee

Unlock Island Chain-After Hours

Service Fee Paper Billing*                    Local

                                                Out of Country 

                 *Exemption forms available in office 

Dues billed Yearly

April 1st due May 31st

Monthly payments accepted


 Water fee (quarterly charge)

Water Service Installation Fee - Residential

Availability Notification for Public Fire/Water

Billed Quarterly 

January 1st , due February 1st

April 1st, due May 1st

July 1st, due August 1st 

October 1st, due November 1st




Re-connect Fee

After hours and weekends


Misc. Fees

 Kayak/Canoe/Paddleboard Storage *Monthly

If paid in advance *Yearly



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