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Glenroads, Inc. is a Washington nonprofit corporation which maintains the private roads in Glenhaven Lakes, Divisions 10 and 11.

Annual Dues $85.00






ANNUAL GLENROADS MEMBER MEETING:  last Sunday in January. Zoom


GLENROADS BOARD MEETINGS: First Thursday of each month. Zoom 6:00pm

Glenroads members in good standing wish to attend can contact the Board President for a meeting link.

In the Glenroads area, maintenance of driveway culverts is the responsibility of every homeowner.  With the rainy season always just around the corner, all property owners are urged to make sure their driveway culvert is free of rocks, sticks, toys, leaves and other debris.  Help reduce potential flooding and see to it that your culvert has been properly maintained.


President: Sean Horton                                                                         Vice President:  Bob Horne                                        

Treasurer:  Dave Wickland                                           

Secretary:   Jared Chaffin  

Phone: 360-393-0613


Phone: 425-359-8705


Director:  Olin Anderson

For questions or concerns about Glenroads, contact President Sean Horton 

Billing Questions contact Dave Wickland 

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM

Wednesday 1PM to 4:30PM

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Telephone:  360-595-2061

Fax: 360-595-2268

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