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Am I required to be a member of Glenhaven Lakes Club?


Membership in the Glenhaven Lakes Club, Inc. homeowners association is required for all property owners in the community. The Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (governing document) makes such membership mandatory. This document is essentially a legally binding contract between the owner/members and the association. 


If you have questions about your legal rights and obligations as a member of the homeowners association, you should consult an attorney. You can direct specific questions to the Glenhaven Lakes Club office: (360) 595-2061.



What does living in a homeowner’s association mean?


A homeowners' association means a corporation, unincorporated association, or other legal entity, each member of which is an owner of residential real property located within the association's jurisdiction, as described in the governing documents, and by virtue of membership or ownership of property is obligated to pay real property taxes, insurance premiums, maintenance costs, or for improvement of real property other than that which is owned by the member (Washington Homeowners Association Act, RCW, Ch. 64.38).


By being a member of Glenhaven Lakes Club you will have various rights and obligations as described in the governing documents (Covenants & Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws). These may include restrictions on the use of your property, architectural controls on future improvements of your property, and the obligation to pay assessments, also known as dues, to the homeowners association.



What do the dues pay for? 

Glenhaven Lakes Club has many amenities, including: an administration office, a community clubhouse, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, barbeque areas, two playgrounds, two boat launches, and numerous park and open greenbelt areas. Throughout the year, Glenhaven Lakes Club sponsors several community events including the annual fishing derby, summer ice cream social, community picnic and holiday party. In addition, Glenhaven Lakes Club is self-managed and employs administrative and maintenance personnel for the purpose of assisting members with applications for requests; providing building, facility and grounds maintenance, budget development and management, issuing billings for dues and water; payment processing, clubhouse reservations, and Board and other miscellaneous support.



Can I have guests or friends use GLC facilities?


Property owners and their immediate families can use the facilities provided they are a member in good standing.


1. Immediate family is defined as: 

  •  the property owner.

  •  the property owner’s spouse.

  •  the property owner’s children. 

  •  their children’s spouses.

  •  their grandchildren

2. Immediate family members do not need to be residing with the property owner to use the facilities.

3. Member in good standing means that all financial obligations to Glenhaven Lakes Club are paid current.

4. Tenants and their immediate families can use the facilities if the property owner (landlord) is a member in good standing and:

  • they provide the property owner’s last name.

  • they provide their last name and address.

5. Guests of tenants, property owners, and their immediate families, may use the GLC facilities provided:

  • they are accompanied by the member, tenant or immediate family member.

  • the pay a guest fee of $3.00 per day

Is GLC’s water treated and is the water quality tested?


Glenhaven Lakes Club owns and operates the community’s on-site water utility permitted by the Washington State Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water. The water comes from two wells located within Glenhaven. The water is untreated and without any additives except a small amount of chlorine that is used to disinfect the storage reservoirs on a monthly basis. The water is tested monthly for Total Coliform and we follow the annual testing requirements as dictated by the Department of Health.



Can I pay my dues and water bill monthly?


Glenhaven Lakes Club membership dues are invoiced annually on April 1st and are due May 31st. Water is invoiced monthly and is due the last day of the month following the invoice date.  



Can I have my dues and water bills sent to different addresses?


It is GLC’s policy to only send out invoices and statements to the property owner of record as they are ultimately responsible for all financial obligations associated with their property. Property owners wishing to have someone else pay some or all of their financial obligations (i.e. tenants, etc.) to GLC will need to make arrangements outside of the GLC billing system.

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